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Dental implantation.


dental implantation in kyiv

Dental implantation in Kiev is a solution of the problem when one or a few teeth are missing and the patient wants to return confidence and comfort during eating or talking. According to the statistics, demand for implantation increases with every day as it is convenient, practical and esthetical. Implants are more reliable and durable than removable dentures or dental bridges. Implantation gives confidence and ensures psychological comfort. The implant screwed into a jaw is a base, on which a crown or denture is put on. If the implantation was professional and skillful, then complications after this procedure are absent.

Nowadays implantation is completely free of pain procedure taking about 30 minutes. Anesthesia applied before the implantation enables you to feel no discomfort at all. Healing may take some time, after which a crown is put on the implant and your smile shines with a new strength.

имплантация зубов


Dental implantation –is a real surgery. Before you make a decision for surgical interference, you need to consult your physician in charge.

    Implantation is specially effective in the following cases:
  • One tooth is missing and healthy neighboring teeth;
  • Numerous defects of a tooth alignment;
  • Missing grinding teeth;
  • Missing the entire tooth row.
dental implantation Besides, there are cases when implantation is required as soon as possible to prevent impact of the missing teeth on the entire tooth row. If to loose a moment, the consequences can be as follows:
  • Crooking of a tooth row;
  • Uneven bite;
  • Tooth moving out to the defect side;
  • Chewing difficulty;
  • Onset of gastrointestinal diseases.

Prices for dental implantation:

Implantation is believed to be expensive but do not forget that we make artificial teeth looking, serving and requiring the same care as real ones. Prices for dental implantation in the clinic “Dental Dynasty” will please you with their wide range. For every patient we have implants of those producers that will fit priorities and possibilities of all the patients. Quality provided by our surgeons will leave no doubts that you have made the right choice of a clinic in Kiev to make implantation. Treatment at our highly professional surgeons passes free from pain and has high quality, make sure by visiting our dental clinic in Kiev. Consultation with our surgeon on dental implantation in our clinic is free of charge.

dental implantation