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Teeth Treatment

Restorative dentistry safely guards health of your teeth.

    Services provided by the clinic “Dental Dynasty”:
  • caries treatment
  • pulpitis and periodontitis treatment
  • teeth restoration.

Caries is a widely spread disease, during which tooth tissues soften and cavities form. There are more than 300 theories of caries formation; however, regular visits to a dentist and thorough oral hygiene have been proved to prevent caries initiation and progress.

In time reference to a doctor helps to start caries treatment at the early stages when treatment is much easier and effective.

The result of uncured caries is pulpitis. A sharp pain can differentiate it as the destruction process reaches a tooth pulp, a tissue, where vessels and nerves pass. If not to carry on treatment at this stage, pain passes off, but the process of tooth destruction does not stop. The following stage is periodontitis. It has many complications; hence, it is extremely dangerous to health. To save a tooth at this stage is not always possible.

    Primary preventative measures to save teeth health:
  • regular oral care,
  • reduction of sugar intake,
  • using fluoride tooth pastes,
  • following rules for brushing teeth,
  • using xylitol chewing gums after meals
  • see a dentist for preventative purposes no less than twice per 5-6 months

The conclusion is quite simple: people who want to have beautiful and healthy teeth should see a dentist minimum every half a year for preventative care and early diagnosis of teeth diseases.

Oral hygiene plays an important role in caries as well as gingivitis and parodontitis prevention. Timely teeth cleaning from plaque prevents caries and results in recovery from gingivitis. In recent years a number of primary teeth caries cases has increased significantly, dentists also observe increase of this disease intensity. Taking into account the above said, early disease prevention in children is getting a key role.

The effective method of caries prevention in teenagers and children is fissure sealing. Special gel covers fissures and natural teeth deepening, hence protecting tooth enamel from caries. Fluoride in the sealer formula contributes to enamel maturing and keeps it healthy.

Children’s dentistry recommends teeth argentaion to treat primary teeth caries. This procedure involves teeth covering with a special solution. Argentic nitrate being a part of the agent stops caries and has antibacterial effect.

The disadvantage of argentaion is a change of tooth enamel color to darker under the argent influence, hence it is applied to treat only primary teeth, which eventually change into secondary teeth. Nowadays teeth treatment has become free of pain, as a lot of high quality anesthetics exist. Even an injection is not felt after applying special anesthetic gel.

Dental devices operate noiselessly and stopped scaring even children. In the clinic “Dental Dynasty”, high quality filling materials are applied. Gutta-percha points are used to seal the canals. Modern x-ray device enables to control treatment quality.

Due to variety of the applied materials, prices are affordable to everyone. Hence, do not postpone your treatment, diagnostics carried out at an early stage results in simple treatment and requires less expenses. Feel all benefits of our reasonable prices, learn the details of our discount program in our clinic.