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A smile gives a person confidence and attracts people. The main criterion of the smile attractiveness is even white teeth. Our orthodontist will help you become a master of healthy, as well as even, teeth. Orthodontics is a specialty of dentistry that is concerned with teeth alignment and bite correction. To adjust bite one of the following systems is offered: Removable: plates; mouth guards; elasto positioners; trainers. Non-removable: lingual systems; bracket systems.

Bracket is a non-removable part fixed to the teeth; it is adjusted to each tooth individually to pass the orthodontic arc force. Bite correction is free of pain; bracket system does not affect tooth enamel but requires time and patience that will certainly show an excellent result. Lingual bracket system has a principal difference from other brackets, it is invisible to others. Such systems correct complex malocclusions, which are difficult to adjust with other methods.

Sapphire brackets are in good demand among our patients. This system is made of pure sapphire and distinguished by high level of transparency. Sapphire brackets are very aesthetic and invisible.

According to statistics in the USA, more than 70% of children and adults underwent orthodontic treatment. Even celebrities wear bracket systems. For example, Tom Cruise installed ceramic bracket system. During his visit together with his son to an orthodontist, he was noticed to have asymmetry of cutting teeth middle line. In the interview, the actor told that he was ashamed of his smile, hence he started treatment at 40. Actor Danny Glover at the age of 62 installed brackets proving again that not only children can wear bracket systems. New technology of teeth alignment by means of transparent mouth guards combines classics of orthodontics and the latest technologies. Transparent mouth guard consists of tightly joining caps for each tooth and helps to align teeth without brackets. In every cap, a motion is set by means of computer that eventually results in the change of a tooth row.

Benefits of mouth guards for teeth alignment: Convenience, Transparency, Absence of difficulties with oral hygiene, Possibility of non-permanent wear.

Orthodontic plates are devices for non-permanent wear. One of the benefits of this apparatus is the fact that the plates may be removed from time to time or worn only at night.

The plates can fulfill different functions: Prevention of teeth shift, Change of a plate width, Correction of jaw bones shape, Functionality of the plate is rather limited. They just keep the teeth in the required position but do not move as brackets do; hence, they should be used in childhood when jaw formation is not completed.

How to choose an orthodontist?

Dental clinics in Kiev are numerous and almost all of them deal with teeth alignment but every person has only one health. Supporting you we will provide a list of the criteria present in the clinic “Dental Dynasty” that will help to reliably choose an orthodontist: An orthodontist should have extensive experience in installation of different types of bracket systems.

A dentist should know perfectly well all technologies of orthodontic treatment and support you in choosing a bracket system type.

At the beginning, detailed x-ray check should be fulfilled. Orthodontic treatment is a long process, hence be careful with the offers to make correction during half a year or less. The doctor should give you detailed information on care and cleaning of a bracket system and tell you about the schedule of further consultations.