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Dental whitening

A snow-white smile is always beautiful. Moreover, it is great that there are dentists helping people get white and beautiful teeth.

Naturally, teeth are not completely white. Teeth color depends upon their enamel transparency and dentine yellowish. Change of teeth color may be caused by the food having intense color and strong coloring strength (tea, coffee, beetroot, and blackberry) and smoking.

Taking antibiotics in childhood may result in brown stains on the teeth; these teeth are called “tetracycline” ones. Another reason for dark stains on a tooth surface may be water containing too much fluoride.

Clinic “Dental Dynasty” offers you the following bleaching methods:

Hygienic cleaning

Hygienic cleaning with an ultrasonic machine is just enough for some patients to achieve desirable shade of teeth. Ultrasonic vibration does not affect tooth enamel, and teeth become whiter. This method shows perfect results on the teeth stained because of smoking. Hygienic cleaning does not require much time and expenses. To achieve more intense result, our dental clinic offers in-office or at-home whitening.

In-office whitening

This procedure passes free of pain and lies in applying bleaching gel with carbamide peroxide to the teeth that dissolves pigments. The result of such bleaching is a change of color by one-three shades. This procedure should be fulfilled 1-2 times.

At-home teeth whitening

In case you choose this method of teeth whitening, at first, your dentist will take a teeth imprint, then your personal mouth guard will be produced, which you will get with a special gel. You should wear the mouth guard several hours a day or before going to bed. Whitening takes from 2 up to 4 weeks.

Teeth whitening zoom

The procedure consists of several stages. At first, your gums are isolated, and a special gel is applied immediately to the teeth. ZOOM lamp light activates hydrogen peroxide being a part of the whitening gel. Oxygen deposition contributes to bleaching of stains but does not change tooth structure. The process is simple and takes about an hour. In some cases, teeth after bleaching may become sensitive to temperatures. To avoid this after bleaching effect a strengthening gel is applied to teeth relieving enamel sensitivity.

If bleaching systems are applied in a correct way, whitening does not bring harm to tooth tissues, and calcium phosphate being a part of whitening gels contributes to enamel structure improvement. To get any interesting for you information concerning bleaching procedures, you need to come for a personal consultation to the clinic “Dental Dynasty”. After examination, a doctor can choose the best bleaching method for you, estimate time and expenses to get the required result.