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Gums treatment

Gums treatment. Apparatus “Vector”.

Paradontium is a complex of tissues supporting a tooth. Diseases of paradontium are as follows: periodontitis, gingivitis and periodontisis. Gingivitis is the most common disease of an oral cavity. It is distinguished by paradontium inflammation accompanying by bleeding, puffiness, reddening and bad breath.

Inflammatory disease of paradontium progressively destroying alveolar sockets structure is paradontitis. With paradontitis inflammation involves gums and bone tissue that causes roots exposure and teeth loosening. Paradontosis is a pathological change of periodont not being an inflammation disease. Differential characteristics are as follows: exposure of cervical areas, increased sensitivity to different irritators, gums itching. Loose teeth appear at the advanced stage of disease when the root is exposed by half or more.

Gums treatment consists of the following stages: Teaching of good oral cavity hygiene; Removal of dental deposits; Removal of calculus deposits with machine “Vector”; Anti-inflammatory treatment; Applying a periodontal dressing on gums; Fixing loose teeth. Treatment efficiency depends upon the disease stage when treatment started. At the early stages, recovery ensues easier and faster; if the teeth are loose, then there is no possibility for full restoration. Nevertheless, treatment started at the advanced stages will help to extend teeth life.

Treatment for bleeding gums The incoming spring brings joy to us, but it is tough time in terms of health and chronic diseases. Such diseases are paradontosis and gingivitis. During spring time gum diseases aggravate manifesting as: itching, reddening, bad breath, bleeding, pain, puffiness of interdental papillae, formation of dental calculus.

In these cases self-treatment is strictly prohibited, you must consult a specialist. Qualified parodontists working in the clinic “Dental Dynasty” will help you get rid of the unpleasant symptoms. During your first visit, our doctor will examine and make out a scheme of the required treatment.

Primary this is hygienic cleaning of teeth with removal of dental calculus. Dentists of our clinic use professional apparatus AIR FLOW and ultrasonic scaler. Further, if required, scaling care is carried out. We fulfill this procedure manually with apparatus “Vector” in our clinic. These procedures are high effective and free from pain.

Even before the second visit to the clinic “Dental Dynasty” gums condition of our patients improves significantly. Further pleasurable procedures follow such as gums massage and applying salve dressings with microelements and herbs. In case the possibility of further treatment in the clinic is not available, the dentist will give a list of recommendations for treatment at home.