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Prosthodontic treatment

Prosthetic dentistry involves tooth tissue restoration, change of missing teeth, restoration of dental apparatus structure and functions. The fact that timely visit to a dentist prevents destruction of teeth and saves their health is known to everyone. However, if a tooth extraction was unavoidable, then the next stage is prosthodontic treatment. Spaces of a tooth row do not look just unaesthetic but also cause the problems with health: gastrointestinal diseases, misalignment of a tooth row and even destruction of a bone tissue.

In modern dentistry prosthodontic treatment applying implants is widely spread. Orthodontists of our clinic master all types of prosthodontic treatment and will support you in choosing the right structure type, which will meet your quality and price expectations to the maximum.

Prosthodontic dentistry of the clinic “Dental Dynasty”’ offers all types of fixed prostheses: Teeth crowns of different types, inserts, ceramic onlays veneers, bridges. Metal-ceramic crowns are recommended to patients when a tooth is considerably destroyed to restore chewing function of a tooth. A crown is fitted tightly over a tooth making the border plain that helps to save the gum health and increase term of the crown functioning. Inserts correct defects of tooth parts. They help to restore missing part of a tooth when imitate a quality filling is not possible.

Veneers help to change a color or shape of teeth. This type of prosthodontics solves aesthetic problems and helps the patient enjoy his smile to the full. Veneer is a thin ceramic layer tightly fixed to a tooth. Bridges are several crowns joined together. This type of denture is fixed to neighboring to missing teeth after their preliminary treatment.

In some case removable prostheses are recommended to a patient: Clasp dental prostheses, Locking type prostheses, Prostheses with telescopic fixation, Nylon prosthesis on a elastic base, Fully removable prostheses, Partly removable prostheses. The main target of an orthodontist is to create realistic looking like natural prostheses and crowns restoring chewing and aesthetic functions of a tooth row. In the clinic “Dental Dymasty” only up-to date methods of prosthodontics are used, which allow to achieve the best quality result.

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